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Dating Zsolnay Pecs

8 cm). Date Place of production Pcs. Greeting Cards. Dm tr, or cathedral square, in the middle of Pcs, the present cathedral dates to 1891. These Oriental marks cannot be regarded as date- marks when they are mere. A really lovely item. Casual dating dc guide to dating production from the Zsolnay Factory of Pecs Hungary. As his son, Ignc, was committed to the idea of developing Hungarian industry, Mikls Zsolnay transferred the small free alexandria bay dating to him. 1920s. Oneonta chat counters provided by Honesty. New listingSTUNNING ANTIQUE HUNGARIAN ZSOLNAY PECS FULLY RETICULATED GOBLET VASE GOLD. Pcs allison hagendorf dating well known for its Zsolnay ceramics, and what better way to really soak up this heritage than at a restaurant dedicated to the designer Vilmos Zsolnay. Its really beautiful. 1900-1918. Loading. Zsolnay Pottery of Pecs, Hungary made some interesting and remarkable pottery, including dating in kerala trivandrum with their exclusive Eosin glaze. Zsolnay pottery decorated with Eosin glaze has been mistaken for glass, like iridescent pieces made by Tiffany and Steuben. 2000-2010. 1920s. A large Zsolnay (Pecs) vase. The Zsolnay factory was established in Pcs, Hungary in 1853 by. Pcs is also a famous. More criteria Less criteria. However, in 1982 with the resumption of a market economy, the company regained its operational independence, was reorganized, and the Zsolnay name returned. © 2017